“After making the decision to install a swimming pool, we set our main criteria as, size, quality, guarantee and service. Looking at what is available in NZ, it then came down to what is offered. We believe we found the “Ultimate” pool that no other manufacturer offers.
(1) a self cleaning system called “vantage”.
(2) the unique glass constuction and wall thickness to keep a higher water temperature.
(3) a Lifetime transferable guarantee
(4) Service, from the Salesperson, Jeremy, the Owners Steve & Warren, all listened to what we wanted and gave quality advice.
After deciding on the Compass Ultimate Pools, the delivery and installation was second to none.
We were impressed with the installation, everything was constructed with quality and precise workmanship and adhered to the Engineers drawings.
Another thing that impressed us was the management / staff relationship, everyone knew what to do and did it.
We believe in choosing this pool we now have the “Ultimate” in swimming pools.
Would we recommend Compass and Ultimate Pools—– DEFINITELY.”
Murray Wright