X Trainer

There’s a X-Trainer to suit every backyard

The X-Trainer pool was designed for fitness and fun. Its rectangular shape suits contemporary architecture and offers you infinite style options.

Features and benefits:

  • Clean geometric lines to complement a modern backyard design
  • Enjoy exercise at home, swimming laps together is great for busy couples and families
  • Aquatic exercise is low impact and perfect for all ages
  • Swimouts and wide steps at both ends are ideal relaxation zones
  • The step ledge not only gives children a place to rest, but is also an additional safety feature
  • Unlike narrow lap pools the X-Trainer fibreglass swimming pool allows families and children to get together and enjoy the sheer fun of playing and exercising in their own pool.
  • The ceramic fibreglass swimming pool floor and steps have a non slip finish

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Model Length Width Shallow end depth Deep end depth
11.8 11.74m 4.2m 1.09m 1.93m
10.2 10.2m 4.2m 1.09m 1.93m
9.4 9.42m 4.2m 1.07m 1.85m
8.2 8.2m 4.2m 1.09m 1.75m
8.2 Slim 8.2m 3.0m 1.09m 1.75m
7.2 7.2m 3.7m 1.09m 1.68m
7.2 Slim 7.15m 3.0m 1.09m 1.68m
5.8 5.78m 3.0m 1.11m 1.52m
5.8 Slim 5.8m 2.7m 1.11m 1.52m