Comparing Pool Quotes

Comparing pool quotes can be hard work

So we’ve put some tips together to help you figure out which option is best for you. Sometimes when looking at pool quotes it can be hard to tell which is the better deal, so here’s a little bit of advice to help guide you through the quote comparison process.

Think value:

First things first, ask yourself which option provides you better value for money. Sometimes cheapest isn’t always best. Ask yourself which option is going to suit your needs best? Are all your “must have” features included in the options you are looking at? You’ll be living with your pool for many years, so think about long-term value, not short-term savings.

Be sure to look for hidden costs:

What has and hasn’t been quoted for? The best thing to do is ask for a clear outline of what is, and is not, included in the quote. Some of the essential requirements that are commonly excluded from quotes are: concrete bond beams, stabilised backfill and tip fees. Often variances in price can be accounted for by identifying differences in what has and has not been included. For example, how much cement do they use in the backfill?

Quick quote checklist:
  • Is the pump and filtration system quoted the right size for your pool? Don’t get caught out!
  • Do you have a clear understanding of the contract and provisional allowances.
  • What reputation does the pool builder have? Are they happy to let you speak to past customers?
  • Do you understand the warranties being offered? Have you read the fine-print?
  • Consider the ongoing running costs of the pool – often ‘cheaper now’ does not mean cheaper in the long run!
  • Does the quote actually achieve what you will be looking for in the years ahead?