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Would you like cleaner and safer water

while not having to labour over a net and troublesome robot cleaner?


Most people who buy a pool dream of relaxing with their family, what they don’t picture is the amount of work involved in keeping their pool clean and healthy to swim in.

A typical swimming pool holds approximately 40,000 litres of water, and for that water to stay healthy. It has to be regularly circulated and must maintain the right chemical balance and sanitation levels.

Unhealthy pool water can because of earaches, illnesses and sore eyes, not to mention a green pool! Without the right technology and knowledge, some people find this task takes away the fun of owning a pool.

The Vantage in floor self-cleaning and circulation system is a unique water circulation system designed to reduce chemical usage, eliminate cold spots and keep your pool clean of debris without regular hand skimming, vacuuming or any other cleaning equipment.

In a traditional pool, water is poorly circulated. This leaves your pool with cold spots and places for algae and bacteria to grow.

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Over 20,000 people have installed our self-cleaning pools

The problem with most pools is they have inefficient circulation and heating

Inefficient Pool Circulation and Heating


Skimmer box

Traditional systems only push water across the top of the pool, with the deeper water left under-circulated


Skimmer box

Heat and chemicals are dispatched by the wind and by sun “burn-off”

The Stratton’s found that Ultimate Pools after-care service made the whole experience pleasurable

After speaking with several pool companies, we settled on Ultimate Pools. From our initial meeting with Steve, we were given heaps of information explained in a simple and precise manner.

We felt totally informed to make key decisions about our pool and were kept up to date throughout the planning process. Ultimate Pool’s professionalism was the key to a successful install on a tricky site. We love the finished product!

Following the install, the after-care service provided by Steve and Warren has made the whole experience pleasurable. We highly recommend Ultimate Pools to anyone thinking of purchasing a pool.

The Stratton Family, Mairangi Bay.

Pool shapes
and Sizes

Choose from a vast range of pool shapes and sizes. There is a stunning option for every backyard, and all pools are available in a variety of exclusive colours. Unlike many fibreglass pools, an Ultimate Pool can be customised with features from pool and spa combos through to sun pods, water-walls, vanishing edges and more.

In New Zealand, the most popular pools are X-Trainers, Vogues and Fast-Lane Lap pools. All three ranges feature classic, clean straight lines which have proven to remain in trend for decades. As backyards decrease in size, our smaller plunge pools are becoming more popular.

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Do you want watercolour, unlike any other pool?

The dual-layer colouring process used by Ultimate Pools is known as BiluminiteTM, which uses two colour layers rather than one. BiluminiteTM creates a unique 3D effect when the pool is filled with water.

The surface consists of a slightly-tinted opaque gel coat layer which suspends glitter and coloured chips above a vinyl-ester solid-colour layer. This dual layer approach not only “pops” your pool colour (especially on a sunny day) but also offers an added layer of protection through the use of an additional layer of super water-resistant: vinyl-ester resin.

Learn how- bi-luminite makes your pool water so beautiful

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Ultimate Pools helps out the
Hemmingsens with a tricky install

“Well it’s been a few weeks so thought we should post a few photos of the install. Huge thanks to Steve, Warren & the team Ultimate Pools Ltd for such a wicked effort getting our pool in. Best pool company by far!! Why is the outside pink? They donate a portion of every pool sale to NZ Breast Cancer Foundation”

Carl & Vanessa Hemmingsen, Pinehill.

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Our pools are built stronger to last longer

All Ultimate Pools come with a Ceramic Core. You can see the ceramic core when looking at a cross-section of a Ultimate composite pool. It’s this core that sets Ultimate apart.

The core provides your pools with increased panel stiffness and improved impact resistance. It ensures you are buying the toughest, most durable and most innovative composite swimming pool in the world.

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the toughest in the world

The Ceramic Core offers added core strength & improved durability
Ceramic Core Cross